R  O  O  T  W  O  R  K
  1. "And then there are artists so concussively convincing that you wonder why you're not wearing some of their merch right now" - PROG MAGAZINE
  2. "For three people to make a noise that tight, and that deep, and that powerful is amazing." - TOM ROBINSON, BBC 6 MUSIC
  3. "Creating a sound that is as brutal as it is harmonic, Rootwork have embraced many of the elements of modern metal music perfectly taking the listener on a journey through metal, stoner rock, prog, post-hardcore and doom-pop over five faultlessly comprised songs." - A BADGE OF FRIENDSHIP
  4. "‘Absolutely incredible. Three guys – crushing riffs, multiple harmonies" - JAMIE LENMAN, KERRANG! MAGAZINE
  5. "Crushingly heavy while taking a doom-pop nod with post-hardcore style harmonies it’s hard not to like... Big things are surely just around the corner for Rootwork" - ALT DIALOGUE
  6. "‘Rootwork’s brand of dynamic, aurally compelling rock music is certainly unique. They take cues from a wide range of influence, and manage to craft something that sounds like only one band: Rootwork." - PUNKTASTIC
  7. "‘Rootwork are an interesting bunch not easily pigeonholed." - METALSUCKS